Appointment Cards


Maintain your brand down to the smallest details like Appointment Cards with a custom design that will reflect your company’s image.


Size: 3.5×2
You can provide a custom size on the Intake Form if needed. Ensure to check with your printer to ensure your custom size will print within your budget.

Color: 4/4 – Full Color Process on both sides, 4/0 – Full Color Process on one side only or Black and White

Turnaround time: 5 business days after Client submits Intake Form to Design Wheelz.

Design Wheelz will design your project with all the essential information you provide to represent your brand.

Additional charges may apply if Client makes changes to project specs or does not purchase project accurately. A quote that must be approved by you prior to work beginning will be provided if needed. If you decide not to move forward with the project because of additional charges, a full refund will be issued if no work by Design Wheelz has begun on your project.



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