The design of all materials you use in your business say everything about your company. Make sure you are communicating the message you want to your customers. Our design bots can start fresh for new businesses, building you the best start for success. They can remodel your old ride with a shiny new paint job or use your existing brand for a seamless transition using Design Wheelz creatives. Let us help drive your business to success.


Get ready to drive with us. With Design Wheelz, payments are clear without surprises. Simple. Easy. Straightforward.


Graphic Design


Whether it’s Business to Consumer, Business to Business or a Personal Project, Design Wheelz can deliver stunning work for all of your design needs. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Web Design


Design Wheelz not only provides smart and savvy web designs, but also sites built with tried and true strategies for conversion, as well as all the latest bells and whistles. CLICK HERE to learn more.


It’s important to keep your messaging and “look” consistent across all internal and external outlets. You need a visual brand guide to keep it constant and help to instruct others how to design for and use your brand. CLICK HERE to learn more.


From branded Facebook pages to eNewsletters, Design Wheelz can produce effective and consistent designs for all your social media pages and everywhere on your digital footprint. CLICK HERE to learn more.
White Labeling


Are you an agency in need of a graphic designer or does your design team need help with overflow work? We can produce work to your specifications to seamlessly integrate with your team and company. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Do you print off the same orientation documents for every new hire? Or have a collection of word documents, forms, and other instructional materials scattered about your server? Its time for a better way. CLICK HERE to learn more.


With Design Wheelz, get the experience, quality and attention you’d expect from an agency and skip all of the hassle of the sales cycle, the meetings, the razzle-dazzle, the bait and switch, the up-selling. We get right to the point so we can get started on your project.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Erica over the past couple of years. In short, she is a true professional with a great combination of both strategy and top-of-the-line creative talent. Because she has experience as an individual contributor and a Creative Director, Erica is able to understand how all creative artifacts fit in a holistic visual identity. From the moment we first worked together, where she provided me the most comprehensive and visually appealing proposal I’ve ever received, to the latest illustrations that could only be described as true art, my time has been well spent. Not only would I recommend Erica without hesitation, but I will most assuredly utilize her expertise with future projects.

David Ducic

Product, Marketing and Strategy Expert

Erica works very hard at any task asked of her and unlike most pursues everything to the end and makes sure whatever the tasks were are correct and efficiently done. She has amazing organizational skills. Erica is also very talanted in arranging and executing priorities yet has the ability to multi-task through them accomplishing all. I have known her as our marketing business associate for 3 years. She always maintains a winning, bubbly personality yet remains extremely professional and pleasurable to interact with and always smiles. She knows and uses the highest levels of professional and social etiquette and therefore is extremely respectful. I highly recommend her and her many qualities, talants,assets, and high level of dedication for any type of employment. Whatever the needs to be accomplished are, they will be executed efficiently, effectively and within the time constraints given or earlier. 
Will Casterlow

President, Triad PC Clinic

Erica had truly exceeded my expectations. For the gig that I had asked her to fulfill I had been asking quite a few people and she had performed absolutely the best of all! P.S. On top of it she comes up with ideas and adds extreme value to the project! Wow!

Cashflow in Miami


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With 14+ years experience in the Advertising and Marketing industry, Design Wheelz has the knowledge to handle all of your design needs. You will receive quality design work with technically sound files that are set up with industry-standard file specifications for most printers.


If you've worked with agencies or other designers before, you may have spent a lot of time going back and forth getting project quotes and proposals. With Design Wheelz, we streamline the process for quick, clear and honest quoting so we can get right to your project. Design straightforward and convenient.


If you're tired of inflated rates or seeing unexpected fees on your invoice, get on the road with Design Wheelz. Know what you are paying upfront with clear and honest quotes. Design Wheelz is taking the guess work out of design. Don't see what you're looking for? No problem. We can create a custom quote for you for any project you need.


We're taking out the middle man. At Design Wheelz, you work directly with creatives to save time and money. Your ideas are communicated directly to a designer. Our creatives are top-notch and design with industry standards, technical expertise and striking quality.


We aim not only to produce stunning work, but also to ensure every design decision has a purpose to drive business and increase conversion.



Free yourself from inflated design fees at a typical agency. We offer clear, straightforward pricing upfront, so you know what to expect on your invoice.


With over 14+ years in the industry, we’ve learned a thing or two and can help navigate your design project with expertise and confidence.


With us, you’re getting the whole package. Not only are our designs striking, they are technically sound with industry-standard specs.

Projects on The Sales Floor

Design Bots to build great design

Straight-forward Web packages

Barriers to possibilty


Get away from those inflated agency fees. With Design Wheelz, payments are clear without suprises. Simple. Easy. Straightforward.

Designed with You in Mind

While our designs are strategically developed to reach your target audience, they are also a reflection of your business. We strive to communicate your message, while maintaining your brand integrity.



Order design projects quickly and easily without going back and forth with quotes and meetings.


Flat rate pricing means you’ll always know what you’re paying with no suprises.


Work directly with creatives so ideas aren’t lost in translation with the middle man.


Marketing Materials

Ensure your sales materials, product sheets, brochures and other marketing assets are branded, cohesive and professional. Present them in a branded sales folder or other sales kit to exemplify your company’s best image.

Business to Business

Business to Business marketing involves special nuances that our designers tap into. If you primarily target other business owners or have a special project in mind, we have the experience to work with this special niche market.


Your website is the face of your business online. A poorly designed site can turn people away instantly. Design Wheelz can ensure your site is not only attractive but effective and strategic.

Branded Facebook Pages

The social media phenomenon has exploded and is an invaluable tool for businesses to connect with their consumers. Design on Facebook and other social media platforms is just as important as traditional marketing. We can custom design profiles, cover images and posts to make the most out of your social media efforts.

Visual Brand Guides

Ensuring everyone in your business uses the correct font, colors, logos and other essential elements to keep your brand integrity can be a daunting job, much less external designers and others who may be using your brand. A visual brand guide compiles everything about your brand together into one easy-to-use, sophisticated guide.

Training Manuals

Put your best foot forward to new hires with a beautifully design training manual with all the essential information for new employees in one great looking manual.

Design Wheelz is a green organization

So we try to minimize the use of paper whenever possible and automize what we can for efficiency.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.