Brochures are a great way to organize a lot of information in a pleasing way so customers will want to read it. Be professional, be fun, be exciting with a polished brochure from Design Wheelz.


Size: Multiple Sizes
See fold descriptions below to choose your brochure fold.
You can provide a custom size on the Intake Form if needed. Ensure to check with your printer to ensure your custom size will print within your budget.

Color: 4/4 – Full Color Process on both sides or 4/0 – Full Color Process on one side only.

Turnaround time: 5-10 business days after Client submits Intake Form and all vital files via Google Drive to Design Wheelz.

Design Wheelz will design your project with all the essential information you provide to represent your brand. Copy must be provided by Client. Design Wheelz can write copy for your project based on bullet points you supply at an additional fee. If you need copy written, CLICK HERE to add it to your shopping cart.

Stock photos are an additional cost. You can provide your own photos or we will choose stock photos for your project and provide you with a quote for the photos, to be approved by you before purchase. You will find any pre-approved stock photo charges on your invoice.

Additional charges may apply if Client makes changes to project specs or does not purchase project accurately. A quote that must be approved by you prior to work beginning will be provided if needed. If you decide not to move forward with the project because of additional charges, a full refund will be issued if no work by Design Wheelz has begun on your project.

Brochure Folds

Single (half) Fold – A single fold brochure made by folding the paper in half making four panels: (2-front + 2-back)

Tri-fold Brochure – Made by folding the paper in thirds. After folding it consists of six panels (3-front + 3-back) with the right panel tucked inside of the panels created by the first fold. By far the most popular brochure fold

Z Fold Brochures – Made by folding the paper in thirds in “zig zags.” It opens like an accordion in the shape of a “Z”

Double Parallel Brochure – Made by folding a sheet of paper in half twice in the same direction making eight panels (2-front + 2-back). The last two panels need to be slightly smaller than the outer panels to fold properly inside the outer two panels

Accordion (”M”) Fold – Three zigzag folds with 8 panels (3 parallel folds that go in opposite directions). Each panel of the accordion fold are the same size

Single Gate Fold – The left and right panels fold inwards to meet in the middle resulting in six panels: (3-fronts + 3-backs)

Double Gate Fold – The left and right panels fold inwards to meet in the middle and then folding at the center making eight panels: (4-fronts + 4-backs) Panels on each end need to be slightly smaller than the outer panels

Roll (Barrel) Fold – The piece is folded inward multiple times as if you are “rolling up” the paper with folds. The outside two panels must be the largest, and each successive panel beginning with the 3rd must be about 1/16” smaller than the previous panel to fold properly.

Half Fold then Half Fold – Folding a page in half in one direction and then folding it in half again in the opposite direction. After folding it makes of eight panels: (4-fronts + 4-backs)

Half Fold then Tri Fold – Folding a sheet of paper (often 17” x 11”) in half, and then tri-folded in the opposite direction


Additional information

Brochure Folds

Trifold, Z Fold, Half Fold, DPRF, Double Parallel Fold, Single Open Gate Fold, Double Gate Fold, Roll Fold (4), Accordion Fold (4), HFHF, HFTF


8.5×11, 11×17